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Fur Love Haven (“FLH”) is a non-profit dog rescue, with consideration of other animals as resources allow.  FLH is committed to:


  • Being a voice for dogs, unwanted for any reason, and giving them a safe and loving environment. Every action taken will be in the animal’s best interest;

  • Spaying or neutering all animals that come into our care, and providing all appropriate medical treatment;

  • Fostering all animals in loving homes while they prepare for their forever home - all placements requiring a comprehensive adoption process;

  • Happily re-welcoming animals previously placed, without question or judgment. Nothing but a perfect match is acceptable.

  • Respecting all persons in this process – prior owners/fellow rescuers/potential adopters;

  • Working to raise public awareness to bring an end to the plight of unwanted animals.


Fur Love Haven’s commitment to our animals extends throughout its lifetime.  All FLH team members are fully dedicated to its Vision.

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The first step to adopting a pet from Fur Love Haven is completing our Adoption Application.

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Fostering a homeless animal means saving a life.  We provide all care and supplies while the animal is in your home.

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100% of your gift benefits the animals in our care and support ongoing rescue efforts. 


Over one million pets are euthanized in the United States every year. These animals are abandoned, homeless, scared, and they deserve a second chance. 



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Phone: (971) 208-3881

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